Cambodian Cockfighting – Betting Playground at Bookmaker New88

Cambodian cockfighting is considered a new hot hit wave of online betting that attracts millions of players to participate every day, every hour and every minute. However, not everyone has the right view about this entertainment subject, especially for new players. So to be able to keep up with today’s new trends, follow New88 experts to discover many interesting things.
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What is Cambodian cockfighting?

Cockfighting has long been a traditional entertainment genre in Asian countries and is also an extremely unique cultural feature of some European countries. So what is Cambodian cockfighting? It can be simply understood that this is a form of cockfighting organized on a large scale in the land of golden temples, Cambodia, imbued with diversity and high technicality.

The vast majority of matches Cambodian cockfightingAll took place at Thomo arena – a famous landmark located along the Vietnam border gate. But cockfighters should note that Thomo and Cambodian cockfighting are two completely different types.

If in Vietnam, cockfighting is still a gambling subject banned by the state, then in Cambodia, it has been legalized and is also considered a livelihood. It is also because of this that every epic battle between fighting cocks is carefully invested, methodically organized and accompanied by a high level of professionalism. So, it’s not too difficult to understand Cambodian cockfightingalways attracts a large number of participants.

Moreover, Cambodia – the number 1 cockfighting paradise in the market – also offers you many different competitions. Cockfighters only need to visit online cockfighting websites to freely watch and place online bets conveniently.

Reasons to bet on Cambodian cockfighting at New88

Betting Cambodian cockfighting is currently the need of many players, especially when this is also an indispensable entertainment genre in the process of making money online. So in the sea of ​​bookmakers offering cockfighting halls, why is New88 the perfect choice? The answer lies in the following outstanding advantages:

Transparent operations – High reliability

You will not need to worry about legal issues when participating Cambodian cockfighting at New88. Up to now, the bookmaker has been granted a license by many large foreign organizations to legalize cockfighting business activities. Therefore, the player’s entire betting process is absolutely protected.

The rules of the game are extremely easy to understand

Understanding the rules of the game will be an important basis to help you bet more effectively. Among them, the principles Cambodian cockfightingare all very simple. First of all, the referee will pair the fighting cocks together based on weight class.

In addition, there is no limit to the number of rounds in a fight. The convention for one round will be 15 minutes with 5 minutes rest between rounds. At the same time, the fight will end when one of the following cases occurs: The chicken dies, cannot stand up, cannot continue fighting, the chicken runs away or does not attack.

The odds of receiving rewards when winning bets are extremely large

There have been many successful players who changed their lives with just one goal in the lobby Cambodian cockfighting New88. The reason is because the house offers countless attractive and surprisingly high reward rates. This not only increases stimulation and excitement for all members but is also an opportunity for you to receive huge profits.

Diverse variety of cockfighting betting options

It is known that the cockfighting website New88 offers 3 betting options that allow players to freely choose to deposit money, including:

  • Meron: Predict that the bookmaker’s cock will win this match.
  • Wala: You watch and think that the player’s chicken wins, then choose Wala.
  • BDD: This is a betting category that refers to the match result being a draw.

Instructions for participating in Cambodian cockfighting betting at New88

At bookmaker New88, Cambodian cockfighting betting operations have been simplified. You can easily participate with just a few steps:
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  • Step 1: Visit the website and register an account.
  • Step 2: Make a deposit, then return to the home page on the menu bar and select the “cockfighting” category.
  • Step 3: Choose the match and 1 of the 3 favorite bet types above.
  • Step 4: Receive reward if you win.

Through this article, it can be seen that many special factors have created the charm and appeal of this type Cambodian cockfighting.Combined with the professional and close organization at the online bookmaker New88, players can completely monitor and participate in betting on famous matches anywhere.

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