Head to the South to chop pigs and eat big with 4 great tips

Go to the South to chop pigs is a special game rule that helps players hunt for super bargain prizes. However, not everyone knows how to use this card for the most value. To find big winning opportunities above New88today.com Please follow now.

What does it mean to move to the South to chop pigs?

As everyone knows, in the card game Tien Len Mien Nam, card 2 has the greatest value. It can block any of the opponent’s other pieces. Therefore, those who own many of these cards have a high chance of winning. In case you have all 4 2s, you win white.

However, when playing the game, you also need to know clearly about the law of Tien Len Nam to chop pigs. That is, there are special decks of cards that can block this card. At that time, the player will be penalized with double, triple or quadruple the original bet.

Rules of the game Tien leng nam chop pig that newbies need to know

In the TLMN article, cases that can block 2 include:

3 pairs of information have the right to block 2

3 common pairs means 3 pairs of cards with consecutive value in terms of score, for example pair 7 – 8 – 9. Then you can use it to block 1army Any 2 of the opponent. If the next player or the person who is cut 2 has 3 larger pairs, he will have the right to blockpress your post.

Moving to the South, cutting pigs with 4 pairs of pine trees

In the game Tien Len Southern, 4 pairs of pine cards are considered the most valuable deck of cards. It can block any 2 pair, Four of a kind and any 3 pair. The reward for the blocker will be up to 4 times the initial bet. In addition, you do not need to play in rounds but can play anytime.

Chop the pig in the card Moving Forward with Four Quarters

Four of a kind means 4 cards of the same value, such as 4 9’s, 4 J’s, etc. When you own this set you can also block 1 or any pair of 2’s. However, the person with the larger Four of a Kind set will have the right to override your cards.

Experience playing Tien Len Southerntighteffective pig

Chopping 2 Southern Tien Len cards brings huge rewards to players. However, not everyone knows how to optimize this opportunity. In many cases, the goods are even unfortunately left to rot. Therefore, to have the opportunity to cut pigs, you should refer to some of the following experiences:
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Try to remember the cards that have been played

By remembering the cards you have played, you will be able to guess what cards your opponent has left and what the probability of winning is. At the same time, it will also help you predict the risk of being blocked or not. Therefore, while playing, everyone should pay attention to take advantage of the Law of Tien Len Southern to cut pigs effectively.

Kick your opponent out as soon as possible

If you own goods, feint with pieces of great value. At that time, the opponent must play card 2 to steal the card. This is your opportunity to apply the Law of Moving to the Southblock most effective and safest pig.

Should be released after 2 turns

After following the round for 2 turns, you should play tight line 2. This will help you control the situation and evaluate your opponent’s cards. Thus, interception will also be certain, with less risk and the chance of coming first will also be higher.

Be highly concentrated when participating in betting games

Staying focused while playing helps you avoid making unfortunate mistakes. In addition, you will also know how to take advantage of the Southern Tien Len law to cut pigs safely and more effectively. Avoid applying overly mechanical playing methods that are both ineffective and pose a high risk of loss.

Play Tien Len Southern to chop pigs and hunt for big prizes above New88

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Above are some shares about the rules of the game Tien Len Nam chopping pigs and the most effective entertainment experiences. Please study carefully to know how to use it flexibly to win big. Also, don’t forget to visit New88 Receive a free rookie bonus to optimize your betting capital.

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