Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai Okvip – Place bets simply and earn money immediately

Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai has become a spiritual dish that is no longer unfamiliar to many betting enthusiasts. Players will not spend much time betting or waiting for results and can easily win to “catch money”.

This game is available on the Liên Minh OKVIP system so you can play it anywhere.

What is Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai?

Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai originates from China. Later, it became known in Thailand and created variations with suitable images.

For the Vietnamese version of the game, the images will be a gourd, a crab, a fish, a chicken and a deer. However, in the Thai version, the deer will not appear but will be replaced by a tiger.

The difference is only in image but the rules of the game are quite similar. Currently, Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai is increasingly popular thanks to the fact that online bookmakers have developed it and included it in the game system.

Bettors can place bets right on their computers and phones without having to go directly to the casinos.

Instructions on how to play Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai

Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai basically has a way to play that is not difficult and any player can do it themselves. The instructions below will help new players have the most detailed view of this fascinating game:

a) Game rules

To better understand the rules of the game, you need to make sure you understand the components of the game Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai.

For this game, the images that appear on the 6 sides of the dice include: gourd, crab, fish, tiger, chicken and shrimp. Each table is provided with 3 such dice.

When entering the table, each person will place a minimum bet equal to the smallest amount on the box that they think has the highest probability of winning. The dealer then shakes the dice and opens the bowl to reveal the final result.

According to the rules, the player whose prediction matches the final result will win and receive money. In general, the rules of the game are quite simple and similar to the Vietnamese version of the game.

b) Forms of betting

In fact, this Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai game does not have many betting options but only includes the following forms:

=> Bet on 1 symbol:Players bet on any one of the symbols: Gourd, Crab, Fish, Tiger, Chicken, Shrimp. At this point, if the final result matches at least one bet, you will win.

If the number of bets appears more often, the player will receive a very large bonus.

=> Bet on 2 different symbols:Players will predict and place bets on the appearance of 2 out of 3 symbols on the 3 resulting dice. However, this betting method is only for 2 different symbols.

The player can only win if 2 betting images appear in the results.

c) Win rate

For each form, the odds will not be the same and will depend on the results that appear to be calculated. Specifically:

How to bet on 1 symbol:

  • If the result appears only 1 dice matching the betting mascot, the ratio will be 1:1. That means the player who bets 1 will win back 1.
  • If the result appears 2 dice coincide with the betting mascot, the reward ratio will be 1:2 respectively. That means the player who bets 1 will win twice.
  • If the result appears that all 3 dice match the set symbol, the corresponding reward ratio is 1:3. That is, the player who bets 1 will win 3 times the reward.

How to bet on 2 different symbols:If a player bets on 2 different images and both results come back, the bonus amount they receive will be 5 times the amount they bet.

d) How to redeem rewards

Bookmaker Okvip is currently supporting players to convert rewards into real money by withdrawing money to their accounts.

Bettors can absolutely use this money to do anything they want or can also keep the bonus money in their Okvip account to continue betting in the next rounds.

Instructions for playing Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai with Okvip

Bookmaker Okvip saw the development potential of this Thai Bau Cua Tom Ca game and put it into its system. This helps bettors not have to go far and still be able to place bets with just a few steps:

  • Step 1: Players immediately go to the homepage ofOkvip via official link. To become a member, go to the “register” section and fill in all required information. => REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS for Okvip
  • Step 2: The registration step is quite easy if you fill in all information correctly and completely. Then, the player uses the account name and password they just registered to fill in the login field.
  • Step 3: Once on Okvip’s page, any player cannot skip the “Deposit” section. The house has provided many options for deposit methods so that every player can do it successfully.=>INSTRUCTIONS FOR DEPOSIT AT Okvip BOOKER
  • Step 4: Go back to the main screen and go to “3D Games”. Next, select “Thai Fish Prawn Crab”. You will now see 4 options appear including:
  • General: Players will be able to bet at least 10 and the highest is 1000
  • Beginners: Minimum bet is 20 and maximum is 2000
  • Master: Players will be able to bet at least 100 and up to 10,000
  • Master: Has a minimum bet of 20 and a maximum of 20,000
  • Step 5: Players choose a room with a bet amount suitable to their financial ability. Finally, place a bet on the door that you think is likely to come first.

4 Tips for playing the best Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai fish

Although the gameplay of Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai is very simple, if the player simply relies on luck, he will never win.
See : Thể Thao OKVIP

Therefore, this article will give rookies good tips to fight this game for a long time:

1/ Low bets to get used to

Players should not be “a hungry horse” when they bet a large amount of money right from the first game because lack of experience will make you easily lose and become discouraged.

Therefore, the best advice is to bet small and gradually accumulate both money and experience.

2/ Take advantage of promotions from the house

Okvip offers players quite a lot of incentives, especially for new members. You should take advantage of this opportunity to play completely for free.

3/ Refer to history

When playing online the game Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai, bookmaker Okvip will provide support in providing a history of the results of previous betting rounds.

Players should not skip this part to know which image is the best and bet consecutively in the next games.

This is a great tip to win bets quickly without wasting much time thinking.

4/ Stop at the right time

Remember that knowing when to stop is a smart choice. Once you win and start to make a profit, don’t try to bet more money because maybe the next game will be the one where you lose everything.

If the losing streak is following you, be determined to stop immediately and find out the cause.

5/ Psychological comfort

Players must always make sure that they bet in a completely comfortable and stable psychological state because this factor will determine whether the choice is right or wrong.

Don’t be too hasty and “your hand is faster than your brain” so you won’t regret it in time.

In general, Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai has become a game that everyone wants to participate in since it was introduced online.

However, if you participate, you also need to make sure that you have fully planned your capital and experience to bet for the long term.

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