What is Bach Thu Lottery and the most effective method of playing

Bach Thu Lo In fact, it is one of the most widely used lottery methods today. If you successfully apply this strategy, it will give you an extremely high chance of winning. In the following content OKVIP will guide you how to play the lottery most effectively.

What is Bach Thu Lo?

The lottery is simply a term used to refer to playing a single number and will end after the results are available. You only need to choose the number to bet on one game and of course do not choose any other numbers to increase your chances of winning and receiving big rewards.

With this way of playing the lottery, you do not need to spend too much capital. Because if you use cross lotteries, you need to choose many numbers at the same time, but with this form, you only need 1 lucky number. This means that you need to have experience and correct prediction strategies to have a high chance of winning.

According to statistics, the Northern lottery has a total of 27 different diverse prizes. Therefore, the chance of winning the lottery number will be much higher than playing many numbers at the same time. You only need to spend a small amount of capital and you can earn yourself a very generous bonus.

However, this way of playing the lottery is only for those who like adventure. Because if you want to stay in the safe zone and not have a breakthrough, it’s best not to play, lest you lose money unfairly. So please consider carefully before choosing this lottery method.

Instructions for playing the lottery to ensure big wins

As introduced above, your chance of winning in the white lottery is quite low. However, if you still want to take risks with the hope of winning big, you can immediately refer to some extremely effective prediction experiences below:

Catch double lotteries

This is one of the most effective ways to play lottery that many people apply today. This way of playing is quite simple and suitable for new players, whereby the player will catch a double white player based on the dumb head and dumb tail.

You need to check all the results of today’s lottery and pay attention to the numbers with silent beginnings and silent endings to help you pick the winning lottery numbers for the next day. Please apply it now to see if it brings the expected results or not. We guarantee this way of playing will not disappoint you.

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Catch in a diamond shape

This method of catching a diamond-shaped lotus is also very effective. True to its name, if you notice in the results table that there are numbers arranged in 3 consecutive prizes like a diamond shape, you need to catch them immediately.

Because 3 prizes appearing in the shape of a diamond are very rare and certainly if you see this sign you need to pick the white lottery immediately. Then take that lucky number to play in the next 1 – 3 days. If you don’t win, you can apply other methods, don’t be stubborn and then lose everything.

For example, we see on the lottery results table that 16367, 21536, 61732 appear, so we can see that the number 17 appears. At this point, we can bet more to increase our chances of winning.

Catch the lottery and win the prize

In addition to the above two ways to catch the lottery number, you can also apply the method of catching and winning. This is a quite popular playing method that brings high efficiency so it is applied by many people. With this method, you need to pay attention to the 7th prize and special prize. For example, the tail of prize 7 is the number 25, then there is a high probability that the next day there will be a white number of 52.

Some notes when playing lottery you need to know

So to be able to successfully apply the above lottery methods, you need to note some important information as follows to increase your chances of winning:

  • Apply other ways of playing: If you find that the above methods of catching white lottery players are not effective, you need to give up and apply other strategies.
  • Don’t be stubborn: If the chosen number doesn’t come back within 3 days, you need to find another number.
  • Refer to numbers from experts: Currently, there are many lottery forums appearing on social networks. You can immediately join these playgrounds to learn, gain more experience and more effective playing strategies.


Above, the article has provided all information about the lottery as well as the most effective experience in catching numbers. Hopefully the above useful content has helped you somewhat in the process of finding lucky numbers to help you win big.

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